Securing The Pace and The Direction of Indonesian Democratization

Securing The Pace and The Direction of Indonesian Democratization

Topic: Power, Welfare, and Democracy

Year: 2016

Writers: Purwo Santoso, Hasrul Hanif, AE Priyono

Editors: –


This concise book lays down a framework to explain the types of power relations operated in the logic of welfare and democracy.In principle, whatever the models look like, democratization is marked by the capability to control the power of the rulers and at the same tie control the accumulation and the distribution of public welfare.



This book is organized into four sections. The first discusses the necessity of involvement from among the epistemic communities in democratization not only for optimizing the process of democratization but also for formulating the proper model of democracy compatible to Indonesia. The second explores deeply the efforts in constructing a newly welfare-based democracy model and explains the power relations operated in the logics of welfare and democracy. Furthermore, this book provides initial identifications to set up new democracy assessment models that are aware of environmental dimensions. The explanation is closed by the conclusive statement and reflections of the overall studies on power, welfare, and democracy.