Cooperation between PolGov and Partners‚Äč

Universities, Research Institutes, Non-Governmental or Governmental Organization and the General Public can apply for cooperation with PolGov. There are several forms of collaboration that can be achieved:


Partners can carry out collaborative research with PolGov. This activity includes cooperation in implementation of assessment or survey activities, cooperation in the preparation of research proposals or other activities that align in research activity.


PolGov also opens for consultancy. With experienced human resources in the fields of Politics and Government, PolGov is ready to collaborate in the consultancy process with various parties.


Partners can carry out collaborative publication with PolGov. These activities include: cooperation in publishing books, monographs and other forms of publication.

Big Data Analytics

Partners can also carry out collaborative big data analytics research activities with PolGov. This collaboration can cover various fields and studies, according to the interests of parties involved.

Community Service

Partners can cooperate with PolGov in community service activities. Community services that have been carried out by PolGov so far including but not limited to: selecting village officials, village management coaching, training in preparing government documents and so on.

Terms and Steps to Collaborate with PolGov

If you are interested in collaborating with PolGov, then the following steps can be taken:

  1. Partners can contact the PolGov team via email: or can send WA message via number: +62 811 2515 863 for the initial process of applying for cooperation
  2. The request for cooperation will then be reviewed by the PolGov manager
  3. Partners will receive further notification regarding cooperation requests
  4. Implementation of cooperation
  5. Collaboration evaluation.