Kompleksitas Persoalan Otonomi Daerah di Indonesia

Kompleksitas Persoalan Otonomi Daerah di Indonesia

Topic: Decentralized Politics

Year: 2003

Editor: Abdul Gaffar Karim


The entire contents of this book is dedicated to highlighting the ups and downs of politics which sometimes work in a very complex and specific logic. Similar to previous historical experiences, politics like this is a form of Indonesia’s experiment in the process of consolidation towards a modern nation-state. Maybe we can also understand, this process is a process of searching for the identity of the Indonesian nation. Of course, with hope, this nation will soon learn that every problem it often faces often has to find a solution at the local level. The experiment that has been going on has always made Jakarta a space for finding solutions to all problems, during which time we have always failed to find a complete and comprehensive solution. If for all the spirit of writing in this book it is necessary to formulate a simple sentence, this phrase might represent: all politics is local.