Analisis Kebijakan Publik 

Analisis Kebijakan Publik

Topic: Extractive Industry Governance

Year: 2010

Writer: Purwo Santoso

Editor: Utan Protection


So far, there has been a tendency to dominate the rational-comprehensive modernist perspective in the study of policy analysis. Unfortunately, the dominance of this perspective has reached a level close to hegemonic so that it turns a blind eye to most of the ordinary public about the existence of various alternative perspectives. So far, policy analysis is synonymous with complexity and complexity that can only be overcome by those who are “experts”. This myth is what this module wants to challenge. In addition to describing practical steps in analyzing the policy process, we first invite readers to go back to basics in conducting the analysis. The methodological understanding, model, and position chosen by an analyst is fundamental and crucial in building quality and character analysis, as well as expertise in using various analytical methods and instruments.