Politik Ambivalensi: Nalar Elit di Balik Pemenangan Pilkada

Politik Ambivalensi: Nalar Elit di Balik Pemenangan Pilkada

Topic: Election Governance

Year: 2016

Writer: Guno Tri Tjahjoko



Elite Contestation in the regional elections (Pilkada) is a reflection of the quality and success of the political parties in putting leaders with integrity and quality. The elite who win the contestation is the one who is able to integrate both activists and politicians reasons. The book is available in Bahasa.


Political ambivalence is the two contradictory logical reasons – activists and politicians thought – whic has been exploited by the political elite to win the election contestation. The book describes how the elite manage two thought to affect rural and cities communities simultaneously. Elite cultivates social and offer a common enemy issue to create a sense of us (kita). This book is interesting since it offers alternative ideas about normalization and the reconceptualization of money politics in elections.