Politik Subaltern: Pergulatan Identitas Waria

Politik Subaltern: Pergulatan Identitas Waria

Topic: Power, Prosperity, and Democracy

Year: 2009

Writer: Point Widayanti

Editor: Utan Protection


The lack of subaltern studies in Indonesia inspired the author to present a study on Transgender Identity Struggles framed in subaltern politics. Its existence as a subaltern community actually has various very interesting dimensions to study both from a political, economic, social and cultural perspective. The concept of identity and identity politics, the pattern of power relations in the waria community and the subaltern concept in the context of the existence of the waria community in Yogyakarta will fill the first part of this book. The next chapter is about the formation and struggle of transgender identity. Transgender identity is formed and strengthened by tracking results from various cultures in the global to local spheres related to transgender identity