DPP UGM Receives University of Malaya Visitation

Yogyakarta, 2024 – The Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM received a visit from the University of Malaysia on January 11, 2024. The visitation conducted by the University of Malaya, Malaysia aims to conduct a comparative study related to DPP student programs.

The group from the University of Malaya consisted of students and managers of the Islamic Politics study program. Upon arrival at the Department of Politics and Government UGM, the group from the University of Malaya was welcomed in the Big Data room, BA Building Fisipol UGM. Furthermore, a discussion was held which began with a presentation from the manager of the UGM DPP study program. Devy Dhian Cahyati, as the secretary of the undergraduate program, gave an overview of the academic and non-academic programs available at DPP.

Academic development through varied course options according to student interests was also explained by DPP UGM lecturer representative, Arga Imawan. Then, the DPP team also shared experiences in managing student administration and student self-development through various facilities that support student interests and achievements explained by Alfath Bagus Panuntun El Nur Indonesia. This discussion also discussed scholarships that can be received by students, one of which is the Asia Pacific Master of Arts in Human Rights and Democratisation (APMA MHRD) scholarship which is intended for DPP master program students.

After the discussion, the University of Malaysia group toured several rooms in the UGM Department of Politics and Government and several locations in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM. The Studio Room of the Department of Politics and Government is one of the spaces that attracts the attention of students and managers of the University of Malaya study program. They also plan to build a studio that can support academic activities and build student creativity. The University of Malaya’s study program manager also tried to cover in the DPP studio.

The DPP team also invited the group from the University of Malaya to visit the CDC office of Fisipol UGM and the Wellness Center of Fisipol UGM. The DPP team wanted to show that Fisipol UGM pays attention to the physical and mental conditions of the students, so the two institutions were formed in Fisipol. CDC Fisipol focuses on student mental health and is one of the institutions engaged in career consultation for students. The Fisipol Wellness Center is a student health service with the Posbindu program. These two institutions, it is a sign of the seriousness of Fisipol UGM in serving and assisting students while studying at Fisipol.