Power, Welfare, and Democracy

In the power, welfare, democracy research topic, PolGov critically assess the achievements and challenges of democratization process in Indonesia. The whole studies on this topic also has a practical dimension, including supporting the large framework of the movement of democracy by confirming democratization has been heading to substantial direction for the welfare of all people without exception.

PolGov develop a methodology that is different from the mainstream methodologies in evaluating and measuring democratization. First, PolGov develops paradigmatic understanding of democracy in the context of Indonesia with an empirical approach examines issues that are part of the democratic decisions or politicized by pro-democracy elements. Second, a series of studies on this topic became a basis to offer an alternative model of democracy through the issues, interests and organizations; as well as various forms of deliberation as a liberal democratic alternative proposal. Third, a series of the studies on this topic became a basis to recommend the model of democracy that oriented to evaluate and analyze the options of democratization. Fourth, PolGov fills gap of knowledge in terms of the actors and the institutions of democracy in Indonesia by combining theories of institutions, agency, and power.

Furthermore, the studies offer new knowledge about the importance of the actual dynamics in assessing the role and function of democratic institutions. PolGov develops a methodology to identify and provide a portion of pro-democracy prominent expert’s consideration as an instrument to evaluate theories and arguments about democracy.

This topics has been embracing institutional commitments that dynamically promotes scientific assessment and policy advocacy in the politics of citizenship through an inter-university cooperation program namely Power program Welfare and Democracy (PWD). The series of research and numerous publications in these activities can be read more on Power Welfare and Democracy Program (PWD).