Students Collaboration

Collaboration between Students and PolGov

Students can apply for collaboration with PolGov, these collaborations could take shape as:

Students can carry out collaborative research activities with PolGov. This collaborative activity includes research grants, implementation of survey activities, collaboration in the preparation of research proposals, and other forms of research process or activities. 

Students can carry out collaborative publication activities with PolGov. These activities include: book publishing cooperation and social media content.

Big Data Analytics
Students can carry out collaborative research utilizing PolGov big data analytics research laboratories. This collaboration can be related to student publications, student assignments or institutional collaboration with student organizations.

Terms and Steps for Students to Collaborate

If any of the students are interested in collaborating with PolGov, then the following steps
can be taken:

  1. Students can contact the PolGov team via email: or can send WA message via number:+62 811 2515 863 for the initial process of applying for cooperation.
  2. The request for cooperation will then be reviewed by the PolGov manager.
  3. Students will receive further notification regarding cooperation requests.
  4. Implementation of cooperation.
  5. Collaboration evaluation.