Seminar: Civil Society Elites in Indonesia and Cambodia

Yogyakarta, 16 December 2022 – Research Center for Politics and Government (PolGov), Department Politics and Government, Faculty Social Sciences and Science Politics (FISIPOL) Gadjah Mada University, organized discussion book ‘Civil Society Elites: Field Studies from Cambodia and Indonesia’. hosted by Ignatius Jacques Juru, researcher of PolGov, presents main source persons Anders Uhlin and Amalinda Savirani, as a book editors. This discussion also attended Eko Prasetyo, from the Social Movement Institute.

This book explores about the formation process of elite Public civil and interaction, both inside and outside of civil society. Anders Uhlin start presentation with expose framework theory elite Public civil as approach new in study civil society. According to him, elite Public civil is the actors have position dominant inside civil society.

Amalinda Savirani describes the formation process elite civil society and its interactions with discuss comparison Among Cambodia and Indonesia. In explanation, Amalinda describe a different process in formation and interaction elite Public civil and role central to social capital and knowledge in the process. Besides that, the process of interaction elite Public civil own implication different politics in the two countries.

A few studies case be delivered in this seminar through existing research conducted before. Indah Surya Wardhani, researcher PolGov, explained studies highlighted case linkages Among elite within civil society with donor. While Desi Rahmawati, researcher PolGov, delivers studies case on results role focused research elite civil society at local level. Eko said that research is urgent for look relation fluctuating among elite civil society with other actor in context promote advocacy and democracy agenda.

For more, discussion this could be listened to back on the canal Youtube DPP UGM or click here.