Involusi Politik: Esai-Esai Transisi Indonesia

Involusi Politik: Esai-Esai Transisi Indonesia

Topic: Power, Welfare, and Democracy

Year: 2006

Writer: Cornelis Lay


This book is a book about being trapped, being imprisoned, about Indonesia’s involution in the first years of the Reformation. It was during this phase that the author of this book, Cornelis Lay, remembered Geertz’s gloomy portrayal of Javanese and Balinese farmers who were trapped in endless involution. The experiences of our early transitional years reveal that, more broadly than what Geertz described, Indonesia is facing involution in any sector and in any space in this republic. And the results are very real, “poverty” and “poverty distribution” in various sectors. In the political realm, it becomes political poverty. However, will this trap last forever? This book will lead readers to reflect more deeply into political involution through his essays in sharp and pithy language.