About Us

PolGov (Research Centre for Politics and Government) is a research unit of the Department of Politics and Government (DPP), Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Established in 2009, PolGov is the result of a merger of the two laboratories that have long been managed separately by the Department of Government / Politics and Government (MPS / JPP) and Graduate Program of Local Politics and Region Autonomy / Politics (PLOD / Politics) UGM. The merger is not only for complying with the agenda of institutional reorganization at UGM, but also as an effort to develop research activities, advocacy, and publications on political issues and better governance.


To support the institutional efforts in spreading knowledge that has been accumulated through the activities of the academic / scientific, PolGov today also boosts the profile-raising through the publication of various books, monographs, and international journal.


Research Topics 

 Since 2016, all activities at PolGov have been framed into five research topics that are often intersected. However, the division of research topics has been perceived important in order to put focus of study in each activity.  Through the formulation of this new research topic, PolGov is more intense to study various actual issues while still embrace on a political point that has been the spirit in every scientific activity in the department. The research topics are below:

Border Governance

Electoral Governance

Extractive Industries Governance

Power, Welfare, and Democracy

Politics of Decentralization



In conducting its research activities and publications, PolGov gets support not only from the internal environment at UGM but also in cooperation with various government agencies and non-government including educational institutions working at the local, national, and international levels. This cooperation is not solely for the sake of the development of science but also as part of efforts to help advocacy in strategic issues.

In connection with it, we have worked with many people in many areas of Indonesia, including the national government, local governments, and non-governmental institutions through various researches, advocacies, and publications.

Some local government institutions who have worked with us including Provincial Government of DI Yogyakarta and throughout the districts/city governments in DIY, and Government of Regencies e.g. Magelang, Purworejo, Grobogan, Blitar, Wonosobo, Puncak Jaya, East Lombok, East Flores, Tidore Islands, Digoel, South Sorong, Mentawai, Buru, etc.

We have cooperated with some institutions and countries for instance Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning, Sleman Regency, the Norwegian Embassy, etc.

Some non governmental organization who have worked with us for instance University of Oslo, Australian National University, Smeru Institute, the World Bank, UNDP, Partnership, DRSP USAID, Tifa Foundation, IDEA International, IRI, NUFU, ODI, Revenue Watch Institute, The Asia Foundation, the Australian Electoral Commission, Natural Resource Governance Institute, KSI, etc.

See details in our Annual Report and www.jpp.fisipol.ugm.ac.id


Humanizing Politics as a Slogan

Humanizing politics is a "tagline" of the Department of Politics and Government (DPP) UGM underlies every activity at PolGov. As center of development of political science and government in Indonesia, all activities in PolGov, including teaching, research, and social provision, has been aimed to endorse values of democracy to defend human values.


Management of Activities

To carry out that mission, PolGov performance has been supported by the presence of researchers and research assistants who work permanently or ad hoc. Permanent researchers consist of all lecturers at the Department of Politics and Government FISIPOL UGM and also non-lecturers who work as permanent researcher. Researchers and research assistants who work in ad hoc team are those contracted based on their capacities to support the research activities at PolGov.

In regarding the policy orientation, PolGov currently is led by the Head of Research Centre for Politics and Government who is an integral part of the management board of DPP. Meanwhile, in managing daily activities, PolGov assigns a manager to be in charge in managerial and administrative aspects assisted by finance department for administrative affairs and finance as well as accountability to partners.