Reclaiming The State: Overcoming Problems of Democracy In Post-Soeharto Indonesia

Amalinda Savirani , Olle Tornquist
Power Conflict and Democarcy (PCD) Press

This is a report on the state of democracy and democratization in Indonesia. It provides recently assembled, critical accounts on the achievements toward, as well as challenges to democratisation in the country. In doing so, it offers a point of reference for invoviduals who are positioned to secure Indonesia's transformastion to a truly democratic political system. The assessment weaves together perspective from two groups contributing to this transformation: theoritically oriented democracy researchers and action-oriented pro-democracy activists. Thus, this report aims to ensure that democratisation is not only moving forward, but that it also is headed steadily in the right direction. While research for this report has been carried out in complience with the highest standards for a scientific assessment, the resulting report is intended to equip activits and political practitioners with the tools to more effectively contribute to democratisation. 

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