Analyst: The Constitutional Court should be Followed by Political Party Regeneration Improvement

  • 2016-05-17

Constitutional Court decision that allows single candidate in the elections need to be followed by improvement of political parties in performing regeneration.

"It takes a good welcome (decision of the Court), but it needs an evaluation or improvement of the regeneration of the political parties that keep an adequate supply of candidates in the next regional elections," said political analyst Gadjah Mada University, Abdul Ghafar Karim in Yogyakarta, Sunday (04/10/2015), as quoted by Antara. 

According to him, the delay elections as in Tasikmalaya, Blitar, and North Central Timor because it has a single candidate, is nothing but a result they still lack the ability and willingness of the parties to perform regeneration.

"The availability of adequate candidates for the elections is an indication that the political parties are still weak in regeneration," said Abdul Ghafar.

[Originally published in Kompas]

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