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Established in 2009, the Research Center for Politics and Government (PolGov) is an institution under the management of the Department of Politics and Government (DPP) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISPOL), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). PolGov is an institution with experience in research work, community service, and advocacy on political and government issues.


In 2016, PolGov has divided its research, advocacy and publication activities into five topics. PolGov also places the five topics as a theoretical framework to determine the locus of study in accordance with scientific developments and contemporary political realities in Indonesia.

Through this topic, PolGov critically examines the achievements and challenges of democratization taking place in Indonesia. All research on the topic also has a practical dimension, namely supporting the broad framework of the democratic movement by ensuring democratization goes in a substantive direction for the welfare of all people without exception. In addition, PolGov developed a methodology that differs from the mainstream methodology in evaluating and measuring democratization.

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PolGov also has an interest in the topic of Decentralization Politics since the decentralization policy was introduced at the end of 1999. PolGov has participated in overseeing the decentralization process in Indonesia, both at the central government level and at the local government level. Some of the lecturers at the Department of Politics and Government whom developed PolGov were directly involved in the drafting of Undang-Undang No. 22 Year 1999 concerning Regional Autonomy.

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In the study of Extractive Industry Governance, PolGov places extractive resources such as oil, gas, mineral, coal and forest as sensitive resources that must be managed wisely by considering aspects of energy security, social welfare, and sustainability. Based on the mandate of the 1945 Constitution Article 33, extractive resources are public goods that are not just commodities in national and global trade chains.

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PolGov has long paid special attention to the topics of Election Governance, especially Indonesia’s post-reform era. Ranging from the issue of electoral democratic governance (elections), to the study of political aspects that work outside electoral procedures. In this topic, PolGov examines the pattern of power relations that arise around the election event.

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In this topic, PolGov seeks to fill the knowledge gaps in the study of border area development in Indonesia. So far, cross-border studies in Indonesia have not received widespread attention, both from the academic community and policy makers. Border areas tend to be neglected because they are considered the country's backyard so that the operationalization of cross-border governance has not become a priority. In fact, the border is a spatial political entity that is the line of affirmation of a nation's sovereignty.

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In order to disseminate the results of its activities, vision and mission, PolGov has a publication unit that is integrated with research, learning, community service and advocacy activities within the Department of Politics and Government. This unit professionally manages manuscripts from academic community, such as students, lecturers, and researchers to be published into books, monographs and journals.

PolGov publishes books that discuss topics on politics and government in order to disseminate knowledge to the general public. The books published by PolGov have gone through a rigorous review and editorial process.

PCD Journal is an English-language international journal that presents research works of superior quality by experts and specialists on the theme of Power, Conflict, and Democracy (PCD) in the context of the southern hemisphere of the world.

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The PolGov Journal is a medium for disseminating research results and scientific works in the fields of politics and government in order to facilitate discussion, interaction and exchange of information among experts and policy makers. This journal is open to anyone who has interest and expertise in the field of politics and government.

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PolGov provides an opportunity for any party to work together to develop knowledge that will be useful for the community.

PolGov open many opportunities for collaboration with various parties. Starting from universities, research institutes, non-governmental or government organization and the general public. These cooperation takes various forms, depending on the agreement carried out with parties involved.

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Students can apply for cooperation with PolGov which takes in various forms, in accordance with the agreement between PolGov and the concerned student.

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