Diaz Prasongko, as the presenter, introduced feature as a form of writing that researchers can create for the dissemination of unique and creative information. Unlike written works in the form of news, features have a unique structure where the overall writing is an important component of presenting information. Meanwhile, news generally puts the entire subject matter of information at the beginning of the paragraph.

From 9 to 20 January 2017, 26 participants from ten countries are taking part in the fourth annual Asia Pacific Knowledge Hub Training. They are coming from mid-level policy makers from central and local government, activist of NGOs, academia, research institute, experts and other representatives of multi-stakeholders in extractive industries.

PCD Journal publication 2017 welcome your work on 'Power, Conflict, and Democracy' (PCD) issues in South and South East Asia countries, Due to the expansion of the issues, we also welcome your work on Power, Welfare, and Democracy (PWD issue). PCD Journal is an international refereed journal initiated by the Power, Conflict, and Democracy Consortium, a collaborative work by the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia and the University of Oslo in Norway.

The Research Centre for Politics and Government (PolGov), Universitas Gadjah Mada and Australian National University (ANU) has collaboration to conduct joint research on 2017 Local Elections (Pilkada). This forthcoming research is extended from joint research on Patronage and Clientelism at the Grassroots at 2014 Legislative Election. In regarding this program, we invite research proposal on certain focuses.

Serial Lecture presented House Commission III Akbar Faizal Nasdem in front of students of the Department of Politics and Government (DPP), Fisipol, UGM, Thursday (26/5). DPP Lecturer Cornelis Lay expressed his appreciation to the agenda. According to him, political parties and campus community is not supposed to be self-absorbed, since both have a huge task to escort the democratic process.

"People always expects that the plentiful natural resources, oil and gas and coal, provide positive implications for well-being. If this is not achieved, people will refer to as mismanagement, or some are calling the resource curse," said Hasrul Hanif in Political Clinic, a live broadcast Programa 1 RRI Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (12/1).

The experience of groups of citizen in rejection of mining operation in villages in Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara is the main theme of discussion on Thursday (6/8). The keynote speaker of the discussion is Fr Simon Suban Tukan SVD, Coordinator of the Movement of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) SVD Ruteng.